VitalityLife unveils whole of life changes

VitalityLife unveils whole of life changes

VitalityLife has announced a range of new discounts and promotions on its life cover products, including lower premiums on whole of life, a special offer on children’s serious illness cover, and a new premium comparison tool for advisers.

All new whole of life clients will now receive an extra 10 per cent discount on Vitality Optimiser and Wellness Optimiser, which offers an upfront discount for those who take steps to monitor their health.

Meanwhile there will be £20,000 additional serious illness cover for children, at no extra cost, when taking a policy with indexation and Vitality Plus.

VitalityLife has also improved its premium comparison tool for advisers to allow them to compare traditional Vitality plans against those with Optimiser included.

Justin Taurog, managing director for distribution and sales at VitalityLife, said: "With these new changes we aim to further increase the take up of our Wellness and Vitality Optimisers, which both encourage and reward healthy lifestyles, while providing market leading protection solutions

"Last year we teamed up with Disney to help families get fit and healthy with the launch of Vitality Healthy Kids inspired by Disney, which provides fun and engaging ways to encourage children to be more physically active, eat better and develop healthy habits by using Disney characters as inspiration. Our new offer for children’s cover further extends this commitment to better protecting families."

Advisers who have recently placed a Vitality term life policy on-risk will also receive a quote for whole of life cover for any eligible and interested clients. The adviser can activate the additional whole of life cover simply by sending an email to Vitality with no further underwriting or administration.

Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert, said: "Plan improvements are always welcome and any device that encourages consumers to but and advisers to become more involved is to be applauded.

"Vitality has always been an innovative company however it is in danger of confusing advisers with the regular adjustments and introductions that it employs.

"Attempting to assess their offerings on the various portals is akin to attempting trigonometry without a slide rule and this choice actually works against them.

"Offering additional children’s critical illness cover is very beneficial as it is now the fifth most claimed for behind cancer, heart attack, stroke and multiple sclerosis."