Axa PPP launches three healthcare plans

Axa PPP launches three healthcare plans

Axa PPP Healthcare has launched a tiered range of three health plans to help companies boost workforce health and well-being.

The range, called Realise Health Plans, combines biometric and online health profile assessments with telephone coaching to help employees understand and manage their health risks.

The assessments are provided by online health coach LiveSmart, and include blood tests to check major body organ functions.

The online health profile is used to assess nutrition, physical activity, weight, sleep, smoking, drinking, stress, mood and medical history.

The GPs and health coaches partnering with LiveSmart then work up the findings into personalised reports, and will highlight employees’ health risks and opportunities for improvement.

Employees then review their personalised health report through their online dashboard. Health coaching begins with a 50 minute telephone session to review all results and to create an action plan to lower their health risks.

This will enable employees to better monitor their own health and potential risks, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and enable them to return to work more quickly in the event of illness.

Staff who want to wear fitness trackers can also connect with the online Realise platform to build a holistic view of their health.

The plans can also help employers better monitor health risks. 

For employers who purchase 50 or more health plans, the Realise team at LiveSmart collates and presents anonymised health data to the employer.

This will allow the employer sponsoring the plan to track progress and better understand the health risks to their workforce.

Chris Horlick, distribution director for Axa PPP Healthcare, said: "Workplace wellbeing is too important to leave to chance. Despite advances in health tech and treatment, lifestyle related illnesses continue to take their toll on performance and productivity.

"That’s why we’ve introduced Realise Health Plans. We’re confident healthcare intermediaries will welcome the opportunity to show their corporate clients how they can pre-empt and even prevent ill health."

Other benefits of the Realise Health Plan include: 

  • A digital Doctor@Hand GP appointment, delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere.
  • 50 per cent off PureGym annual membership.
  • A £10 voucher for selected products that relate to their Realise results – vitamin supplements, for example – from Axa’s ActivePlus retail service.

Groups of 50 or more plans receive a 10 per cent discount on the RRP. Commission of 10 per cent is only available on purchases 50 and over. 

Intermediaries can either choose to sacrifice their commission and pass the 10 per cent off the RRP on to the client or choose to be paid the equivalent amount, in sterling, in commission.

LiveSmart founder and chief executive Alex Heaton said: "When it comes to healthy living, we know what to do. But all too often that’s easier said than done.

"That’s why we’ve joined forces with Axa PPP healthcare. To help employers make a difference – for the better. Realise’s fusion of hard science and healthy coaching should help them achieve this."