Broker launches mental health platform

Broker launches mental health platform

Healthcare insurance intermediary Nugent Santé has launched a mental health digital platform available to clients in the UK market.

The broker has taken mental health tool Mente to market under its own brand, offering an online platform to both employees and employers to encourage a better understanding of mental health.

Paul Nugent, managing director at Nugent Santé, said all employers had a moral and legal duty of care to their staff and Mente was designed to help them remain compliant whilst ensuring their employees remained healthy.

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He said: "The key thing about Mente is not just the education tools, diagnostics and audit trail that offer a layer of protection on mental health and safety, but also the integrated absence management tool that will be rolled out in October 2018.

"This will allow businesses to manage sickness and calculate costs within the platform to see how much physical and mental health is costing the business."

Mr Nugent said the company was the first in the market to offer this type of risk based solution specifically aimed at mental health, believing it will allow businesses to fully understand the impact and associated costs of illness on their bottom line.

The platform will offer employees education tools with CPD accredited courses, diagnostics and signposting to immediate support for issues such as debt management, bereavement and addictions.

Mel Joseph, founder of Mente, said businesses needed to evolve with the changing workplace environment and ensure they not only meet their moral duty of care to employees but also remain compliant under current legislation.

She added: "The Mente platform provides the tools and resources to manage a healthy workforce and protect the bottom line of the business with a suite of educational solutions and professional guidance on a buy as you need basis."