LV adds medical and tax advice to policies

LV adds medical and tax advice to policies

LV has announced plans to include an expert medical advice service in its business protection policies.

The protection provider will offer LV doctor services free of charge to its business protection customers, offering business owners and designated employees access to a GP via video or phone consultation to address any health concerns.

Business protection is life insurance for key personnel, partners and shareholders within a business, with LV also offering an optional critical illness cover. 

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In addition, LV will offer its business care service with each policy, granting small businesses free access to tax experts and legal advice - a cost the provider calculated would otherwise come to approximately £750 a year.

Chris McNab, head of life propositions at LV, said protecting people should be an integral part of any business plan, particularly small ones.

He said: "From today, we are including LV doctor services as part of every business protection policy, to ensure that key people in a business can access the medical advice they might need, at a time that suits them, and without having to take time off work, whether it is for their mental or physical wellbeing.

"Alongside other benefits such as legal and tax advice, putting the long term health of individuals at the forefront of a business’ success means that this is much more than a pure protection product."

Neither the addition of the doctor services or business care service will require additional underwriting. 

Clive Mayne, director at CIExpert, said SME business leaders were typically high amongst those who will put off a visit to the doctor over business pressures.

He said: "Having the flexibility to access medical advice remotely will be an attractive option and may in many cases avoid conditions becoming more severe through lack of early diagnosis or treatment."