Zurich brings one-stop protection platform to market

Zurich brings one-stop protection platform to market

Zurich has overhauled its insurance service proposition and created a life protection platform that promises to give consumers and advisers choice, flexibility and ease of use.

The platform, which Peter Hamilton, head of market management for Zurich, has likened to "completely re-laying the foundations", has replaced five legacy systems with a single, streamlined one. 

The platform will enable clients to get instant cover online.

As well as real time updates on applications and immediate alerts from third parties, such as GPs, electronic signatures will apply to access under the Access to Medical Records Act. Online trusts will also be signature free. 

Alongside this, Zurich has also created products to sit on the platform - income protection and multi-fracture cover - as well as making improvements to its life and critical illness policies.

Mr Hamilton said the new propositions and improved cover meant policies could be better tailored to the needs and budgets of individual consumers.

"Previously, consumers had the choice between all-encompassing cover at a higher premium, or a cheap, basic product chosen on price. 

"With the platform technology underpinning these propositions, consumers and advisers can now make upgrades to people's income protection products or to remove features where needed, and provide the flexibility people need", he said.

The income protection and critical illness policies are available in two levels. ‘Core’ will provide an entry-level but extensive breadth of cover, and ‘Select’ will give more comprehensive, feature-rich protection.

The platform's technological capability will mean customers can move between the two levels as their personal circumstances change. 

Mr Hamilton said this meant the adviser's job would also become easier, allowing them to carry out regular reviews with their protection clients, rather than just sell a policy and leave it until the consumer makes a claim.

He said: "Now, the adviser can discuss regularly with the client whether they need to change the sum assured, improve policy terms, add children's benefit - or take it away, upgrade or reduce the cover, add fracture cover or change indexation."

All this, he added, would make protection products easier to recommend, easier to apply for and potentially more time-saving for advisers, while improving the choice available for consumers at different stages of their lives.

According to Mr Hamilton, the platform and products were both designed following consultations with advisers.

He stated: "In a world that demands 24/7 access, Zurich’s Life Protection Platform is about offering advisers and customers choice and convenience - both around how and when they choose to manage their policies and the type of cover available.

"The range of conditions covered, and new features like our multi-fracture cover and optional children’s benefit, reflect current lifestyles and the fact our lives and those of our families constantly change."