Paymentshield helps advisers with new video

Paymentshield helps advisers with new video

Paymentshield has produced a video to tackle some of the obstacles that can discourage advisers from talking about insurance with their clients.

The video provides tips, tools and information to help advisers who don't currently talk about general insurance with their clients because it is not a top priority and they find it hard to find the time.

Paymentshield's videos provides practical advice and information that tackles some of the misconceptions about general insurance and helps advisers to better understand the opportunity and their options.

James Loder, proposition director at Paymentshield, said: "General insurance can
sometimes be the elephant in the room and we know there are many advisers out
there who have fallen out of the habit of talking to their clients about GI.

"But, without their advice, understanding all of the options available can be a mammoth task for their clients.

"Advisers are able to understand their clients’ needs in a way that no price comparison website ever can, which not only helps them to get the best cover
but can also provide an important source of revenue for the adviser’s business.

"This is why we have created a one-stop resource to make it easier for advisers to have a conversation about general insurance with every client.”"

Andy Walton, protection propositions director at Mortgage Advice Bureau, said: "General insurance should form an important part of the advice process for any
mortgage adviser who wants to ensure their clients are properly protected.

"Paymentshield's video makes it easier for advisers to develop their knowledge about the market and tackles some of the obstacles that can discourage them from talking about general insurance."