LV offers access to physiotherapists and psychologists

LV offers access to physiotherapists and psychologists

LV has expanded its doctor services benefit to provide remote access to physiotherapy, psychological experts and support services, plus a 25 per cent discount on health MOTs.

These additions are available with all new LV protection, business protection and retirement policies.

LV policyholders now have access to six expert medical services, at no added cost, through the LV doctor services smartphone app, or by telephone.

The addition of physiotherapy services to LV doctor services allows policyholders to access up to five remote sessions a year, plus treatment programmes and support, without the need for a referral from their GP.

These can help with the assessment and treatment of issues such as back and neck pains, joint sprains and trapped nerves.

Meanwhile, the newly added psychological services provide remote access to up to five consultations with a mental health professional, plus a range of approved consultative behavioural therapy programmes.

These can provide confidential and structured support for those suffering from the onset of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and insomnia and sleep disorders.

Health MOTs are carried out by a medical professional at a local surgery – with a choice of assessments to suit the policyholder’s budget.

Based on the results, the assessments also include personalised lifestyle and healthcare recommendations.

Chris McNab, head of protection at LV, said: "At LV, we are committed to increasing the everyday tangible value for our policyholders, so that we can help them to overcome moments of vulnerability and live more confident lives."

Roger Edwards, marketing director of Protection Review, said: "The expansion of these services is great news and we know Square Health is an excellent provider of added value benefits.

"We've long believed that in order to reach more people the industry needs to focus on more tangible benefits rather than just the promise of cheque that may never come.

"The challenge though is whether or not policyholders realise or remember that these benefits are available to them when they really need it."