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Provider tries to kickstart conversations by pledging to charity

Provider tries to kickstart conversations by pledging to charity

Paymentshield will donate £1 to National Conversation Week's charity partner, Mind, for every adviser who downloads their guide to incorporating general insurance (GI) into talks with clients.

The guide, titled Let's Talk GI, is available on the Paymentshield Advisers website. 

National Conversation Week, which will takes place next week from 18 to 24 March, aims to encourage people to have more conversations about their finances and, where possible, to seek professional financial advice. 

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Rob Evans, chief executive of Paymentshield, said: "At Paymentshield, we want as many people as possible to speak to professional advisers to help improve their financial situation.

"As specialists in general insurance, we are doing everything we can to spread the word on the importance of seeking advice before choosing insurance products.

"Although the internet is a valuable way to find out more about insurance products, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and, without financial advice, consumers could end up paying over the odds for a product that is completely unsuitable for their needs.

"Seeking advice from an adviser is the only way to ensure that a consumer really understands the best way forward."

Keith Churchouse, director and Chartered financial planner for Guildford-based Chapters Financial, said: "I always like to see new initiatives being introduced, although the issue of general insurance, for issues like home insurance, do not come up often, and where they do, they tend to be a more specialist enquiry. 

"However, client protection in all its formats must be welcomed and if this promotion encourages discussions around the issues of income protection and debt protection, that is a good thing.

"Will it help? Protection is a topic that is invariably poorly recognised and any additional tools to help the process will gain traction."