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HealthWise offers more access for members

HealthWise offers more access for members

The Exeter has introduced HealthWise as a benefit to all of its members, including those under its ‘real life’ mantle. 

For people with medical conditions, access to insurance is difficult, and they often have to choose an insurer that can offer them cover, without the luxury of picking and choosing one that has additional value-added benefits.

The Exeter has made significant strides to improve access to insurance to more people with health conditions, and the inclusion of the HealthWise app means the people who probably need this and who will benefit the most, are getting an opportunity to use it.

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HealthWise gives the member options to book appointments with a private GP for a phone or video consultation during the week and for a limited time on the weekends.

The service, provided by Square Health, can be used up to four times a year and is available worldwide.

I have used the Square Health service myself when I was abroad with my children, and I can attest to how useful it was when I needed help. I took pictures of my concerns over my children, uploaded them to an app and within 24 hours I had a video consultation with a UK GP – perfect.

The offering also comes with the ability to access two second medical opinions if someone is unsure of the diagnosis and treatment they have been given.

We all know that NHS resources are really stretched at the moment and by accessing the second medical opinion service, members can be assured that their concerns have not been missed in the limited time we get within the NHS.

The NHS is fantastic and my GPs are brilliant, but this service can provide the extra peace of mind some people need.

Mental health issues are becoming more and more commonplace. Most of us live stressful lives due to work, family and financial commitments. But even if we live a carefree life, mental health can suddenly wallop us.

HealthWise gives access to six sessions of counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy each year. I think this can be a useful tool to catch and respond to a mental health issue, before it becomes a big problem.

There are some people and some mental health conditions that will need more than six support sessions, and while it may not suit everyone, it is a great starting point to help put a plan in place to move forward.

Kathryn Knowles is managing director of Cura Financial Services