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Provider offers advised clients free access to wellbeing apps

Provider offers advised clients free access to wellbeing apps

Royal London is providing free access to wellbeing apps to policyholders who purchased protection from a financial adviser.

The provider is offering three months of access to the mental and physical wellbeing apps ‘Thrive’ and ‘TrackActive Me’ as part of its support service, ‘Helping Hand’.

The mental wellbeing app, approved by the NHS, is designed to help users build resilience against stress, anxiety and depression. It provides users with personalised goals to reduce their risks, activities to help improve resilience, mindfulness and computerised cognitive behavioural therapy.

Meanwhile, the physical wellbeing app helps users prevent or reduce muscle, joint and spine pain while improving their physical health. Policyholders can access physiotherapy advice via the app, as well as personalised exercises for injuries and conditions.

It also provides a range of home exercise options, including pilates and yoga.

Christina Rigby, product specialist at Royal London, said: “We know that times are tough and it is impacting people’s mental and physical health, which is why we wanted to further support our customers’ wellbeing. 

“Customers can already access a dedicated nurse for tailored and personal support through our Helping Hand service. We’re continuously looking at ways in which we can support our customers and I hope they find these new services useful.”

Milan Tailor, mortgage and protection adviser at Bennison Brown, said: “Now more than ever is when individuals will benefit from these services particularly those that are currently experiencing mental and physical challenges."