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Vitality offers coronavirus test

Vitality offers coronavirus test

Health insurer Vitality is offering coronavirus testing to its policyholders. 

The offer was made available from yesterday (July 29) and encompasses both antibody and viral coronavirus testing.

Dr Keith Klintworth, managing director of VitalityHealth, said: “Coronavirus has impacted all our lives, and we recognise that many people may want to know if they have or have had the virus.

“By providing access to a full range of Covid-19 tests, alongside personalised advice on the recommended appropriate test from a GP, we are able to support our members to access testing, alongside giving people support and more information on the virus”.

Policyholders who take a rapid antibody test (£18) can receive results within 10 minutes of giving a blood sample during a consultation.

Alternatively, customers who take a laboratory test (£45) will receive results in two to three days after a blood sample is sent to a lab.

Policyholders will be advised on the most appropriate test by a GP, and a £20 consultation fee will also apply.

According to Vitality, while there is “no firm evidence that the presence of antibodies means someone cannot be re-infected with the virus or pass it on to someone else, it does suggest a person currently has some form of immunity against catching the virus again”.

Additionally, policyholders will have access to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) viral coronavirus testing.

A viral antigen home test (PCR), which involves an at-home swab test before being sent to a lab, identifies if they currently have the virus (£119 including a telephone consultation fee). Results are available in five to seven days.

The provider is also offering a ‘Fitness to Travel PCR Antigen Swab Test’ (£100), without consultation. Policyholders can collect a self-swab collection kit from its face-to-face GP provider DocTap in London, and take it directly to a lab, with results available in two to three days.

According to DocTap, the test is designed for those whose airlines or travel companies require a negative test.

Dan Faber, founder of DocTap, said: “DocTap are proud to be working with Vitality in the fight against Covid-19. Our ambition is to provide the most accurate, convenient, affordable and fastest Covid tests on the market, backed up by our outstanding team of doctors”.

According to Vitality, antibody and general PCR testing will only be made available where the GP in the accompanying consultation recommends the test for a policyholder during their consultation.