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Protection advisers warn of underwriting difficulties

He added: “[There] is real concern [about whether providers are] going to move back the other way quick enough as they learn more about the illness, to make sure that they’re not excluding people unnecessarily."

Mr Woods warned that declined customers would feel the insurance industry had “let them down”.

He said: “I think it will leave some customers feeling that they can’t be insured and it’s not great. Hopefully, some will go through the process of seeing a specialist and will be willing to go through the journey again, and will get cover.

“But unfortunately, I do think quite a few will simply give up and not bother with it, and they will never look at it again."

However, Mr Woods said that providers were open to discussions with groups such as the PDG to try and improve the situation.

He added: “Providers are interested in listening, and I think it will improve. It’s not like everyone’s just ignoring it and accepting it."

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