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Holloway Friendly removes Covid exclusions from plans

Holloway Friendly removes Covid exclusions from plans
Credit: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

Holloway Friendly has removed coronavirus exclusions for new and existing customers.

The income protection provider has removed the Covid-19 exclusion from its plans, except on those with a one-week deferred period.

It will also be automatically removing the exclusion from any existing plans that have a four or eight week deferred period.

Affected policyholders and their advisers will be contacted to confirm that they are now also covered for the coronavirus.

The provider had added the coronavirus exclusion to new plans last March in response to “unknown risks” posed by the pandemic.

Suzy Esson, director of operations at Holloway Friendly, said: “Although we’re still receiving Covid claims, we feel it’s the right time to remove the exclusion for the vast majority of new business. We’re also pleased to be able to remove it for members who bought cover during the pandemic, who have a four or eight week deferred period.

“For now, we’ve had to retain the Covid exclusion on plans with a one week deferred period as a precaution, as some uncertainty remains. But we will of course review and monitor that position regularly, along with other factors like the success of the vaccine roll-out.”

Adam Higgs, head of research at Protection Guru, said: “This is great news for advisers and clients alike and will remove a barrier to taking out a Holloway Friendly income protection plan.

“One-week deferred periods will still have the Covid exclusion, however as we are not yet free of the pandemic and there are still many adults awaiting their vaccination (predominantly of insurable age) this is somewhat understandable.

“We hope that this announcement will be the start of more good news from insurers that apply similar exclusions and that all exclusions can be removed in the not too distant future.”

It comes as another provider, AIG Life, has said the coronavirus vaccine will lead to Covid underwriting restrictions being reduced or removed.

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