Protection CPD Course  

Guide to introducing clients to protection

  • Explain how to bring up protection with clients
  • Understand how to move past the cost of protection
  • Learn how innovation in protection has evolved
Guide to introducing clients to protection
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Illness or death are not subjects many people are keen to talk about, understandably.

But if a positive can be taken out of the pandemic, it is that it has made people more aware of their mortality and more concerned about how sustainable their finances are and if they are adequately protected.

And perhaps, it will have made the introduction of clients to protection easier now, compared to 24 months ago. However, there are still complexities to the conversation that advisers need to be mindful of.

This guide will explore how to bring up the protection topic in conversation with clients, how to move past the cost of protection, whether it is ever too late to get protection cover and how innovation in protection insurance has evolved.

It is worth an indicative 60 minutes of CPD.

In this guide


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  1. True or false, it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire IP past the average retirement age.

  2. What does Vikki Jefferies suggest is one way that providers can make IP more accessible to the masses and encourage greater take-up among consumers?

  3. True or false, according to Rod Jones, protection insurance for someone 10 years younger than you who is already showing signs of poor health could well be more expensive than someone taking out a similar policy who is a decade older, but who is presenting very few health risks in the insurer’s eyes.

  4. What has been suggested as a useful way that brokers can illustrate how affordable protection insurance is?

  5. What does Makayla Everitt suggest is a good way to increase consumer confidence in protection insurance?

  6. According to Schroders, which is the most popular form of protection insurance?

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You should now know…

  • Explain how to bring up protection with clients
  • Understand how to move past the cost of protection
  • Learn how innovation in protection has evolved

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