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Protection industry calls for rethink of 1950s-style ‘sexist’ ads

“If we want to grow the protection market, we have to get better at using data to understand who we are, and just as importantly aren't, serving, understanding individuals triggers, challenge the language and tone we use, and finally do away with stereotypical imagery.”

Candid was not the only firm to succumb to questionable advertising in the insurance sector. 

Life Cover Comparisons told FTAdviser it had to re-design an advert targeting nurses, after people complained the outfits were “inappropriate”.

Back in 2019, the ASA published guidance which said “advertisers should avoid using sexualised imagery if this is irrelevant to the product”.

A spokesperson for Life Cover Comparisons told FTAdviser: “People read too much into an advert.

“Life insurance is all about picture-painting. You can look at any image and say it’s sexualised.”