White-label insurtech forges UK partnership

White-label insurtech forges UK partnership

White-label insurtech Iptiq, which is backed by Swiss Re, has launched a bundle of health protection benefits with a new UK partner.

Iptiq, whose clients span Europe, the US and Australia, has teamed up with Square Health, a London-based healthtech provider which works with several insurers, including Aviva.

It offers services such as virtual 24/7 GP consultations, e-prescriptions, mental health support, bereavement counselling, wellness checks, and dietician services.

The idea is to reduce the time it takes direct customers of insurers to receive a diagnosis, to help them be more proactive about their health.

“Through integrated IT systems, customers have one point of contact to reach a range of services with high levels of clinical governance and control,” the companies said in a statement.

Founded by doctors, Square Health - which employs around 62 people - provides health care-related solutions to the UK’s insurance sector.

Dr Bippon Vinayak, Square Health’s executive chairman and co-founder, said the UK healthtech provider was “delighted to be collaborating with Iptiq as part of a long-term strategic relationship to bring a range of value-add services to their partners and customers”. 

He continued: “Using our ‘Clinic in a Pocket’ app, we are able to deliver integrated healthcare services that complement the insurance products and enhance the benefit to the end customer.”

Earlier this year, Iptiq appointed Darren Coomer as its chief technology and operations officer. Coomer had previously founded the S&A Group, a UK-based technology and business transformation consultancy, in 2010.

Carlo Bewersdorf, Iptiq's chief executive, said in August: “Darren will play a pivotal role in shaping our tech strategy and ensuring excellence in sales and marketing on a global scale.

“A part of this will mean further sharpening our digital B2B2C [business-to-business-to-consumer] insurance platform that allows trusted brands to swiftly roll-out new insurance products and will enable our customer-centric and tech-driven growth ambitions.”

Coomer works out of London, despite Iptiq's headquarters being in Zurich.