Openwork expands protection offering

Openwork expands protection offering

The Openwork Partnership is joining forces with specialist broker Cura Financial Service to enhance its protection proposition.

The firm said launching Cura Financial Services to the network allows its advisers to help clients with specialist protection needs such as life, critical illness, and income protection insurance.

Cura Financial Services help clients obtain insurance by using its network of specialist insurers, specifically those whose situation can include having a high-risk occupation, extensive travel to foreign countries and have pre-existing health conditions or hazardous pastimes. 

The firm also included clients with a history of cancer, heart attack, strokes, mental health issues and HIV as well as clients in the Armed Forces, working offshore, at heights or under water. 

Those people travelling to higher risk destinations, as well as clients with risky hobbies such as rock climbing, scuba diving, motor car racing and transatlantic sailing, are also part of Cura’s client list. 

Alan Knowles, managing director of Cura, said: “It’s disappointing for both advisers and clients when protection can’t be offered due to a health condition, occupational risk or travel disclosures. The Openwork Partnership advisers now have a greater opportunity to be able to place clients who previously would have been declined. 

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working with The Openwork Partnership and look forward to helping to protect more clients.”

Paul Shearman, proposition director for mortgages and protection at The Openwork Partnership, added: "Cura Financial Services is a fantastic multi-award-winning addition to our protection proposition and will help our advisers to support even more clients and enable them to get the insurance they need.”

Last week, the Openwork Partnership launched a share programme for its partners, offering them the option to buy or sell units in the partnership.

From November 18 to December 2, this option will open for the first time and will give partners the ability to trade units in the partnership.

Thereafter the trading window will open every March and September.

Openwork is one of the UK's largest financial advice networks, with more than 4,300 advisers. Formerly owned by Zurich, it is now owned by its adviser members through the Openwork Partnership LLP.

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