New insurance cover for advisers' video calls

New insurance cover for advisers' video calls

Insurance specialist Ceta has launched cover for video calls in a bid to help protect policyholders from the reputational damage of unexpected interruptions, embarrassing freeze frames, and signal failures.

The cover, available just for today (April 1), has three different levels. All packages cover muting and interruptions as standard.

But silver also provides cover for sharing the wrong screen, sneezing and signal loss. In the event of a complete drop in wifi, policyholders can rely on a replacement service provided by Ceta called ‘Wifind Me Some Signal’. 

This will see the broker take the policyholder - along with all their equipment - by chauffeur to the nearest area with a reliable signal until their own wifi is fully restored.

Meanwhile, gold cover also provides access to a suite of customisable filters and tools. These include:

  • Interruption detection - using artificial intelligence (AI), Ceta will detect, mute, and erase any unwanted sounds and images created by children, partners, or pets in the background.
  • Accidental nudity filter with automatic clothing upload - policyholders can choose from a range of pre-designed outfits or from their own wardrobe “for added plausibility”.
  • Bad hair day/root detection - policyholders can automatically superimpose  on-trend styles and colours onto their image if bad hair is detected.
  • Spot/blemish recognition with cover-up filter
  • Emergency stop - a policyholder’s camera and microphone can automatically be turned off and replaced by ‘library pictures’ of them listening intently if the sounds of going to the toilet or making a cup of tea are detected.

April Firstday, head of Ceta's video call insurance unit said: “While joining meetings online from the comfort of our own homes has its advantages, it also comes with a huge amount of risk, from accidentally muting yourself when you had a really good point to make, to children interrupting, pets walking across the screen or keyboard, or the doorbell going at an inconvenient moment.

“There are also a huge number of reputational risks to be considered, such as unflattering freeze frames, bad hair days and unfavourable lighting, right through to more severe risks such as forgetting to get dressed or leaving the microphone on while you are in the loo.

“That’s why we have launched our video call cover, to give those working from home the confidence to join a video call knowing that any technical or down-right humiliating incidents will be covered.”