AI service ramps up efforts to tackle lead gen malpractice

A personal crusade

Ashworth has often taken to LinkedIn to call out bad lead generation practice which he has highlighted to FTAdviser in the past.

At the end of last year, he highlighted how some providers were “twisting” language by describing life insurance - something you pay for - as a ‘benefit’.

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FTAdviser found ads of this type circulating online at the time. One read ‘People Born 1941 - 1971 Get This Benefit In November’, while the other read ‘UK Seniors Born 1940 - 1970 Can Claim This Brilliant New Benefit’.

Ashworth has also highlighted loopholes with other software attempting to legitimise the lead generation space.

He said it can be easy to fake the timestamps of when a client clicks on an ad, and that screenshotting a landing page without the original ad is not enough to be compliant.

“We [at Adviser AI] believe the coalface of the protection industry is in desperate need of the change needed to halt the industry’s stagnation.” Ashworth explained.

“Our technology can play a key part in helping those who believe in doing the right thing to grow, while building long-term value in their businesses.”