Gina Miller campaign raises £182k in two days  

Gina Miller campaign raises £182k in two days  

Gina Miller, who took the government to court over its Brexit strategy, has raised tens of thousands of pounds for a campaign to try to make sure pro-Europe MPs get into power.

The Best for Brexit campaign, which launched just two days ago, has already raised £182,555, far exceeding the initial £10,000 target.

Raised by 6,326 people, the money will be used to support candidates in the 8 June election who pledge to work against an “extreme Brexit” deal.

Ms Miller, who is an investment manager and co-founder of SCM Direct, described the campaign as the “biggest tactical voting effort in UK history”.

On the crowdfunding page, she wrote: “We will support candidates who campaign for a real final vote on Brexit, including rejecting any deal that leaves Britain worse off.”

One donor commenting on the site called Ms Miller a “saboteur and proud of it”, while another wrote: “We need to vote tactically to stop this self destructive madness.” 

Last year, Ms Miller spearheaded a legal challenge which forced Brexit legislation to be passed through parliament.