Financial Conduct Authority  

Updated: FCA vulnerable client work among Covid-19 delays

The following consultation papers and calls for input have been delayed until October 1, 2020:

CP20/4: Quarterly Consultation No 27
CP19/32: Building operational resilience: Impact tolerances for important business services
CP20/1: Introducing a Single Easy Access Rate for cash savings
CP20/3: Proposals to enhance climate-related disclosures by listed issuers and clarification of existing disclosure obligations
CP20/5: Consultation paper on ETF Listing: Premium to Standard Listing

Delayed calls for input:
Open Finance
Accessing and using wholesale data

The FCA has also delayed the following pieces of work:

Joint PRA FCA work to develop industry led guidance on how to integrate climate related risks into business decision making across the FS sector
Motor Finance PS
CP mortgage switching and info request for CBA
Vulnerability Guidance
Vulnerability Research
New Consumer Principle
Consumer Credit Act (CCA) review
CP mortgage switching and info request for CBA
Credit Information Market Study - Interim Report
GI Pricing Final report and Consultation Paper on remedies

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