Your Shout: Letters to the editor

Financial Adviser Letters

Financial Adviser Letters

Graham Wells

Retired IFA


No facial recognition

Regarding your article ‘Cost cuts blamed for ‘faceless’ providers’ (May 21).

Within the article, Tom Dunbar, distribution director at Royal London, states: “At Royal London we are passionate about the value of face-to-face sales support. 

“Most advisers service their clients on a face-to-face basis, and we believe advisers deserve similar service levels from the providers they recommend.” 

Well, I have supported Royal London for many years now. They have had a lot of new business from me, but I have never had a face-to-face consultant come and see me. 

I have a telephone consultant, which is better than nothing. So I’m not sure where Tom is coming from.

Clive Farrell

Galleon Wealth Management


In praise of referrals

Regarding your article ‘A ban on introducers is the way forward’ (May 20).

It certainly is the way forward. Introducers are the real parasites. They increase the cost to the client. The quality of the client is often suspect and too often has been heavily hyped by the introducer.

A referral on the other hand is quite a different matter. There is no financial transaction and those who are referred can take it or leave it. 

Anyway, most referrals come from either existing clients, or from professional connections. Not someone who isn’t authorised, trying to work the system.

Harry Katz

HA7 Consulting


Where is the directors’ cut?

Regarding your article ‘Govt’s self-employed help may not extend to company directors’ (April 2).

The prime minister has hinted that he and the chancellor are finally going to ‘look at’ support for directors of small limited companies who have totally slipped through a big gapin supporting the self employed.

I have also received emails from Jeremy Hunt MP that this is being looked into.

It is totally unacceptable that a director can support his workforce through the JRS but not himself.

I was a sole trader until 2012 so would have benefited from the £2,500 for three months. But as a director of the same business, I would only qualify for around £600.

When will they listen and deal with this long-ongoing problem?

David Quick 

Borellis Wine Bar & Grill