RegulationJun 24 2021

Pimfa supports call for culture change at FCA

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Pimfa supports call for culture change at FCA

The MPs said it was “disappointing” that measures to address fraud via online advertising have not been included in the draft Online Safety Bill. 

Fassam said Pimfa agreed this was “disappointing” and said it was something Pimfa had campaigned for with others in the industry.

Earlier this year, seventeen groups - including Pimfa - joined forces to warn about online scams and lobbied the government to include methods to tackle this issue in its Online Safety Bill.

Last month, the government announced measures to tackle some online scams in the bill but stopped short of including fraud via advertising, emails or cloned websites.

Fassam said: “As the Treasury select committee, rightly in our view, states this is a missed opportunity to prevent another LCF-type event in the future.”

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