Financial Conduct Authority  

FCA on hunt for ESG experts to form committee

As it stands, the FCA’s ESG strategy includes the following:

  • Increasing supervision of whether the ESG attributes of asset managers’ investment products (including the funds themselves) are fair, clear and not misleading;
  • High-quality climate- and sustainability-related disclosures to support accurate market pricing, helping consumers choose sustainable investments and drive fair value;
  • Promote trust and protect consumers from mis-leading marketing and disclosure around ESG-related products;
  • Regulated firms have governance arrangements for more complete and careful consideration of material ESG risks and opportunities;
  • Active investor stewardship that positively influences companies’ sustainability strategies, supporting a market-led transition to a more sustainable future;
  • Promote integrity in the market for ESG-labelled securities, supported by the growth of effective service providers – including providers of ESG data, ratings, assurance and verification service; and
  • Innovation in sustainable finance, making use of technology to bring about change and overcome industry-wide challenges.