What got FTAdviser excited over the past quarter?

What got FTAdviser excited over the past quarter?
FTAdviser's latest podcast delves into the news stories that captured our attention in Q1.

Consumer duty regulations, an unexpected spike in inflation and parliamentary U-turns on state pension age rises - these are some of the stories that got FTAdviser excited over the past quarter.

In this latest podcast, editor Simoney Kyriakou talks to news editor Amy Austin and investment editor David Thorpe - who is also the contributing editor of Asset Allocator - to discuss what has been keeping us and our readers busy in Q1 this year. 

Austin said: "We have had the tax changes in the Budget, the launch of the Consumer Duty Alliance, rate rises and a rise in inflation amid the cost of living crisis - we are still battling it all". 

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Thorpe agreed: "Our focus with Vantage Point in recent months has been around investing in inflationary and recessionary times, and trying to unpick the questions around what asset allocation looks like in these unusual times in markets."

While he said there was some "meagre progress" with the UK narrowly missing a recession, which boosted sentiment, Thorpe warned of an "earnings recession" in coming months which could be good for the economy but not for investors in individual companies. 

Moreover, Thorpe said investors have been diving in and out of the market - exhibiting typical investor behaviour - with the "home market" of the FTSE100 being one of the best performers in recent times just as investors have been pulling money out of the index. 

Austin agreed that there has been a big of nervousness coming through from the news reporters' conversations with advisers and brokers, but generally commentary seems to be rational and measured, with advisers being a "calm, reasonable voice".

She said: "I've spoken to a fair few advisers as you can imagine, and it's all about keeping in contact with clients as they come up to retirement, and remind clients about the process."

In terms of consumer duty, this is a "massive hit" on advisers, providers and could represent a change in the way discretionary fund managers operate, according to both guests on the podcast. 

"If the consumer duty is a success, it could mean that if best practice wins out, it could be a good thing for the profession as a whole," Austin added. 

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