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  • Gavin Casey

    Gavin Casey

    Distribution director of Aegon UK

  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser

  • Malcolm McLean

    Malcolm McLean

    Senior consultant at Barnett Waddingham

  • Chris Daems

    Chris Daems

    Director of Cervello Financial Planning


Guaranteed retirement income post-April 2015

How can advisers provide their clients with guaranteed income in retirement post-April 2015 (state pension, annuity, etc)? What are the pros and cons of these options?

Risks to retirement income

To maintain your client’s standard of living, an adviser needs to ensure their income keeps up with inflation. What are the key risks to retirement income? Longevity, market volatility, interest rate fluctuations and inflation will be discussed.

Combining retirement income solutions

How much guaranteed retirement income does an adviser’s client need? How should advisers tackle retirement income advice post-pension freedom? How can guaranteed retirement income solutions be blended with other options?