Join us: How to inflation-proof your portfolio

  • To understand what is happening with inflation.
  • To protect portfolios against inflation.
  • To learn about how inflation impacts retirement.

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Live Blog How to inflation-proof your portfolio


  • Darius McDermott

    Darius McDermott

    Managing director of Chelsea Financial Services

  • Justin Urquhart Stewart

    Justin Urquhart Stewart

    Co-founder and head of corporate development for Seven Investment Management

  • Adrian Lowcock

    Adrian Lowcock

    Investment director for Architas


Inflation is on the rise, creeping ever-near to the Bank of England's 2 per cent target after reaching a 30-month high of 1.8 per cent in January. But what happens when inflation starts to erode returns on some assets?

FTAdviser Talking Point has brought together a panel of experts to answer your questions on how to protect portfolios against inflation. Bookmark this page for Tuesday 21 February at 12 noon.

  1. According to Mr Urquhart Stewart, how do economists view inflation?

  2. Which section of the population has a higher rate of inflation, according to Mr Urquhart Stewart?

  3. What serves different purposes for multi-asset investors?

  4. What do inflation linked bonds NOT offer a chance of, according to Mr Urquhart Stewart?

  5. What is the good and the bad news, according to Mr Urquhart Stewart?

  6. What is going to be crucial with regard to investment risk, Mr Urquhart Stewart says?

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