Women aged 50 have half pension savings of men

She said measures could include giving women bigger pension tax breaks early on in their careers, although that would be hard to justify from a bias perspective.

Other measures could include guaranteeing women's workplace pensions during their maternity leave, with either the government or the employer granting additional maternity benefits.

Pension products, which allow a percentage to be withdrawn for childcare would help too, she said.

But Ms Sofat said the real issue stared with equal pay. 

She said: "There needs to be an easy route for women to be able to go to a commission or a regulator to [complain] they are not being paid equally. There needs to be some [gravity] behind that.

"If the government doesn't come down quite hard on employers where they aren't giving equal pay, then the onus is on us as women to stand up for ourselves within companies and to find out what our colleagues are being paid and to [demand] equal pay."