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Four in five advisers ask retirement clients about happiness

“To make this goal attainable, individuals should look for ways to plan well ahead to ensure they are on track and have the best investment approach to meet this objective.”

Tom Morris, director and chartered financial planner at Ovation Finance described the results of this survey as “very heartening”. 

“Being able to find things that give us meaning, a sense of purpose and happiness in general, goes a long way to helping us live fulfilled lives,” he said.

“Working out what this is doesn’t necessarily come easily for some and is where an adviser with good questioning and listening skills can be a huge help. Coupled with the technical skills we have; you can then create a meaningful financial plan that enables a client to live a fulfilled life, as well as providing crucial reassurance along the way.

“If there is still some difficulty in finding the answers, research suggests that a good starting point is thinking about areas such as improving our social interactions, with friends and family for example, as well as getting involved with the local community in some way.”

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