The Queen, a 4-year-old and a lasting legacy

Simoney Kyriakou

Simoney Kyriakou

The Queen and I share - shared - the same faith, which she always expressed so gently and graciously. I do believe she has been 'promoted to glory' and that gives me comfort. 

Whether or not you are a royalist; whether or not you agree with taxpayers subsidising the Royal Family especially during a cost of living crisis, you cannot deny she presided over times of enormous change.

She stood dozens of times, outlining in Parliament countless laws that have been put in place to try to make Britain a better, fairer, more tolerant society.

Whether the Queen would have agreed this was the happy outcome of these laws is beyond my knowing.

Certainly she leaves behind a sweeping legacy since 1952 of immense change, outlasting prime ministers and celebrities alike. Whether King Charles III will have as gentle yet powerful influence on ministers of state is unknown.

However, I believe neither he nor his heir will reign as long or leave as deep a mark as Queen Elizabeth II did, either on me or on the UK.

Simoney Kyriakou is editor of FTAdviser.