ICO investigates Waspi 'data breach'

ICO investigates Waspi 'data breach'

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is investigating a complaint about a data breach involving members of the Women Against State Pensions Inequality (Waspi) campaign.

Earlier this month the new board of the Waspi campaign claimed former directors have been using the organisation’s databases to poll members about whether they should be reinstated to the leadership.

They alleged the data of certain members was not rightfully accessed in an attempt to oust co-founder of the campaign group Anne Keen and her current board management.

Waspi’s board reformed following a recent leadership spat which saw five directors resign to be replaced by four new ones on 21 February.

The ICO confirmed today (16 April) it had received a complaint about this allegation and is looking into the facts.

An ICO spokesperson said: "We have been made aware of an alleged incident relating to the personal data of members of Waspi Ltd and are making enquiries."

The Waspi campaign is fighting to help women affected by an increase in the state pension age to 65 – the same age as for men.

The movement claims the 1995 Conservative government's plans to increase the women's state pension age were implemented unfairly, with little or no personal notice.

The group also said changes were implemented faster than promised with the 2011 Pension Act and left women with no time to make alternative plans, leading to devastating consequences.

But recent infighting has rendered the campaign politically ineffective, some have claimed.

Although Waspi maintains it is still going strong, a planned court case against the government has all but fallen apart.

Meanwhile, a group of MPs is planning to present solutions for the affected women by the end of this month.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on State Pension Inequality for Women is producing a report, based on a survey of several women's groups, including Waspi.