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Personal Finance Society launches events app

Personal Finance Society launches events app

The Personal Finance Society has launched an "interactive events app" to be used by members attending regional and specialist CPD events. 

The PFS Events App is a mobile version of the PFS's recently-launched events web portal, and includes programming and support for upcoming events, historic attendance information and social media integration. 

It will allow members to "better engage with presenters and other attendees through networking and other professional development capabilities", the professional body stated.

PFS chief executive Keith Richards said the body's 37,000 members expected "new and alternative forms of communication".

Mr Richards said: “Well over half of our members view our e-communications on mobile devices, while only a quarter use a desktop and we will continue to tailor our communications content and format to cater to the evolving needs and demands of our members.” 

“Social media offers an efficient and effective method of communication and we are seeing greater levels of engagement with our members via LinkedIn and Twitter, particularly at our events,” he said. 

He said LinkedIn groups provided a "forum of discussion for close to 6,000 members", adding the PFS Twitter account had nearly 5,300. 

The free PFS Events App can be downloaded on iPhone and Android smartphones, from the Apple Store and Google Play.