Providers extend Covid-19 support

Providers extend Covid-19 support

Sesame and Dynamic Planner have launched services to help advisers seeking support and guidance during this time of Covid-19 disruption.

Sesame, which launched an adviser hub in March to help advisers having to work from home during the lockdown, has expanded this service by offering advisers free access to health and wellbeing support.

The new service for Sesame members, which is being funded by the network, will give advisers access to a range of additional services available through specialist provider Care First.

Care First is an independent provider of employee support services, offering confidential online support along with access to its team of professionally qualified counsellors and information specialists.

The firm is experienced in helping people to deal with a wide range of practical and emotional issues such as health and wellbeing, family matters, relationships and workplace issues.

The service will be available free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone or online.

Richard Howells, managing director of Sesame, commented: "Our team is already assisting firms in a multitude of ways through this unprecedented and difficult period.

"However, working in partnership with the specialists at Care First, we saw an opportunity to take our health and wellbeing support a step further.

"With more advisers now working remotely, possibly for the first time, it’s posing challenges for how business owners look after their staff and ensure they maintain a healthy work / life balance. This is of paramount importance to ensure that advisers are well placed to look after themselves, their clients and continue to trade safely through this time of uncertainty."

Dynamic Planner has also launched a free information site for financial advisers to use. Called the ‘Dynamic Planner Content Hub’, the resource aims to provide a source of in-depth insight, analysis and visual support for advice firms to call on when needed. 

Ben Goss, chief executive of Dynamic Planner, commented: "Of course, the entire world has seen an almost instantaneous shift to homeworking and online meetings, and this is the same for advisers and their clients.

"Advice firms tell us that Dynamic Planner is playing a huge role in helping them to make this transition, but we wanted to take things a step further and give them even more support."

Over the past few weeks, networks, trade bodies, support services providers and product providers alike have been creating training and information or support hubs for advisers and paraplanners to use, either for their own business or for the end clients.