Robo-adviser white-labels technology

Robo-adviser white-labels technology

Robo-adviser Wealthify will be white labelling its technology so financial advisers can offer the service to their clients.

The company said the service is also available to institutions that do not traditionally offer investment products, or stopped offering them post-Retail Distribution Review.

Wealthify said the technology can be both own or co-branded, and implemented in as little as two months; compared to the minimum 18 months it would take to build from scratch.

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The company will also offer application program interfaces - which let different technologies talk to each other - to institutions that want to provide an automated investing service with all front-end user interfaces designed, developed and maintained in-house.

Richard Theo, co-founder of Wealthify, said: “Our mission is to democratise investing.

“We’ve already made strides towards this and white labelling our technology is the next logical step in making affordable and easy-to-use investing services available to an even wider range of people.

“Our tried-and-tested infrastructure and award-winning UX [user experience] enables financial institutions to offer a new service to customers without having to employ an expensive tech team to build it, allowing them to enter a rapidly expanding market in a short timeframe.”

Once consumers are signed up, Wealthify experts build personal investment plans aligned to an individual’s attitude to risk, then invest, monitor and manage their money for them daily.

Users can check their investment plans on a phone or tablet.