Unbiased advisers under pressure to cut response time

The product boss said historically Unbiased was seen as a directory, but said it had now become more of a platform for consumers to contact professionals. 

Mr Ossei also pointed out that advisers can use this new feature to their advantage because he said a high rating is another way to stand out in a competitive market.

Dan Clayden, IFA and director of Clayden Associates, said: “In a way, this rating system will be more of a hassle for me.”

He said he rarely accepts or rejects an enquiry because it is unclear whether it will be a useful lead.

Mr Clayden also said he was reluctant to pay the extra money on top of his subscription to use the matching service, largely because there is no certainty the individual will become a client if he pays the additional money to accept the request. 

“I have hung on in there, but the longer I stay [on Unbiased] the more I think it’s time to call it a day, which would be a shame because I have been an advocate of the benefits of this service since I launched my firm 16 years ago."

He added: “I question who these changes actually benefit.”