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Lighthouse Group expands Luceo range

Lighthouse Group expands Luceo range

Lighthouse Group has launched another two funds under its wholly-owned subsidiary Luceo Asset Management.

The new funds, Luceo three and Luceo seven, were launched this morning (28 February) and will focus on risk-targeted returns to investors.

In common with the rest of the Luceo fund range, the new funds will be managed by Octopus Investments, and made available on the Lighthouse Zurich Platform.

“We are delighted to extend the Luceo fund range launched in October 2016 with the addition of Luceo three and Luceo seven, and to continue our engagement with Octopus Investments, which has proved to be a first-class partner in the launch and development of our Luceo Asset Management proposition,” said Malcolm Streatfield, group chief executive of Lighthouse Group.

“We look forward to further product developments during the rest of 2017 and beyond in order to extend still further the range of financial solutions available to our clients."

Simon Rogerson, chief executive of Octopus Investments, said: "We are very pleased to be extending the existing range of Luceo funds that we manage for Lighthouse to include Luceo three and Luceo seven.

"It is a natural step to take in order to provide customers with a more complete proposition, and we look forward to working closely with Lighthouse over the coming years to build an industry leading investment fund range.

"Like the other funds, these new risk-targeted funds are managed by our well-established multi manager team, and are designed to deliver consistency and reliability, with complete focus on delivering the outcome the customer expects."

Luceo three will target long-term growth by investing predominantly in passive and actively managed collective investment schemes (Oeics, unit trusts and exchange-traded funds) and closed ended investment companies.

Luceo seven will also focus on passive and actively managed collective investment schemes, but with a remit to expose up to 100 per cent of the total portfolio to funds invested in UK and international equities.  

The Luceo range was established in September 2016, as an investment solution for mid-range retail investors.

The original three offerings comprised multi-manager, fund of fund, and investment portfolios matched to customers' agreed risk profiles.