Letter to the Editor: George Osborne has thrown sand in our faces

Letter to the Editor: George Osborne has thrown sand in our faces

Most commentary on George Osborne recently has focused on whether he can do two to three jobs while trying to be MP for Tatton.

My annoyance is this. Government constantly imposes rules on us all with regards minimum standards to do a job: level 4 to be an adviser; level 4 to be a nurse. My wife has to be a certain level to run a playgroup. The list is endless.

Yet Mr Osborne wanders into Blackrock and receives a salary commensurate with being an experienced fund manager and equally knocks on the door of the editor’s office at the London Evening Standard and is welcomed with open arms.

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Anyone else doing so would be told unequivocally that they have little experience to do the role and in plain terms are unqualified. It throws sand in the face of the rest of us who work hard at a long career and meet the challenges placed in our way with regards exams/experience/CPD.

Something that galls further but equally proves my point, is that in 1993, Mr Osborne intended to pursue a career in journalism. He was shortlisted for, but failed to gain a place on The Times trainee scheme.

Ian McIver,

Development director

Nexus IFA