Business goals guide published for advisers

Business goals guide published for advisers

Panacea Adviser has launched a new guide for advisers keen to enhance their business’s potential.

The free publication, produced in association with Glassagh Consulting, is divided into nine parts, each representing a different tool that businesses can draw on to achieve their immediate goals and work towards fulfilling long-term ambitions. 

Covered are business vision, analysing audits, establishing powerful goals, planning for the future, forging strategic alliances, networking,  effective use of social media, creating a profitable proposition and retaining clients.

Panacea and Glassagh’s guide sub-divides some of the weightier elements into more easily-digestible chunks, which can be achieved in stages. These include identifying business aspirations, and turning these into a statement of intent. 

The resource also includes a step-by-step guide to creating a mission statement, which the publishers maintain should be a cross between a slogan and a pitch. Each section incorporates questions and core actions to help readers through the process of establishing and fulfilling goals. 

Derek Bradley, chief executive at Panacea Adviser, said: "Financial advisers have a massive amount to keep up with on the day-to-day already, which can make it difficult to plan for and get the most out of less immediate business goals. But at the same time, the need for constant ambition and future innovation has arguably never been greater in the advice industry.

“It's with this in mind that we've built a practical toolkit that will allow advisers to build their longer-term plans and ambitions into daily activity, helping to turn what can sometimes feel like an intangible ambition into a reality."

John Joe McGinley, head of Glassagh Consulting, added: "Success in life or business is about solving problems and sticking to a plan. Yes, many of us have ideas for success, but how many of us have fallen by the wayside as day-to-day events impact upon us and drive us off course?

“Our guide offers lots of practical advice and easy pointers for advisers to follow, all of which are key to making business goals more manageable and even enjoyable." 

Martin Dodd, director at Midlands Investment Agency, said: “I welcome these types of guide. It’s all very well having technical training and resources on tap, but unless you know how to grow your business, and in an efficient and timely way, you risk becoming redundant. 

“Sharing good practice is something I’m all in favour of as it benefits us all and helps to create a better public image.