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Halifax hires YouTubers for online campaign

Halifax hires YouTubers for online campaign

Halifax has hired three YouTube stars to help young people understand the basics of managing their money.

The vloggers have created a number of short videos aimed at 11 to 15 year-olds, focused on saving, spending and how to stay safe online.

Halifax is also creating a short video aimed at parents to help them talk to their children about these things.

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Nick Williams, managing director for consumer digital at Halifax, said: “Managing your money is important whether you’re 11 or 111.

“We recognise the challenge of helping to educate our youngest customers and the vloggers have been brilliant by sharing their stories to give their peers the confidence to look after their money today and in the years to come.”

Research from Internet Matters shows children post an average of 26 times a day on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

But despite spending 15 hours a week online, less than half (48 per cent) of 11 to 15 year-olds with a Halifax account regularly use online banking.

The three vloggers, Ambi, Evie and Oscar, have established channels on YouTube which they use to vlog to an audience of more than 55,000 subscribers.

Ambi, from West Yorkshire, said: “I've teamed up with Halifax to talk to other teenagers about money matters that we tend not to stop and think about. My vlogs cover a few money basics and offer tips and advice.

“I hope they will help other teens understand money matters a bit more, and get them to think about the choices they make when it comes to managing their own finances. I think it's important that we learn how to save, spend and look after our money wisely.”