Banish jargon and seek a natural style to win over clients: study

Banish jargon and seek a natural style to win over clients: study

Banning jargon will improve public perceptions of business and improve employee engagement, according to new research.

A new study by the Confederation of Business Industry (CBI) in partnership with PR firm Porter Novelli and research firm Opinium revealed using a more natural style of language will bring companies closer to their customers.

Additionally, good businesses need to ditch 'business speak' if they want to be understood.

The study also said that people’s perceptions of business could be improved, if companies were more transparent in the way they behaved.

Paul Drechsler, CBI president, said: “People tell us they recognise the importance of business – particularly in providing jobs – but there is still a reputation challenge and a clear disconnect between what businesses do and what people believe.

“Treating employees and customers well is the starting point for improving people’s relationship with business, accompanied by clear communication.”

In the advice sector, the changing rules and regulations are making the way information is presented more jargon-heavy, Graeme McColgan, director at Million Plus Financial Planning said.

Even clients who work in complex jobs sometimes also find it difficult to understand the language.

Mr McColgan said advisers can help clients understand complex information better by making sure recommended documents are easy to read. “It is the job of the adviser to remove the jargon. A client should never see all that.”

He is also trying to help younger people improve their understanding of financial planning, by regularly speaking to the children of his clients.

As a result he says this will start focusing the mind of younger people on the importance of financial planning. Likewise, it also helps him to find the right language and to properly pitch his message when speaking to youngsters.