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The psychology of willpower

The psychology of willpower

Will Power: Discover it, use it and get what you want

By Ros Taylor

Reviewed by John Joe McGinley

Having read two previous works by Ros Taylor – the psychologist and executive coach – I knew this would not be your usual business self-help book and I was not disappointed.

Will Power is what I would call a Ronseal book, as it does what it says on the tin. 

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Put simply, this book is for anyone who wants to achieve success in their career or personal life.

Given the background of the author, in both the media and business, this book is also not just for someone stuck in their career or facing a major life choice. It really is for everyone, no matter what stage your life or career is at.

Because of the author’s wide experience, I would be surprised if any reader does not take away something new. 

While a successful life coach with years of working with some of the UK foremost leaders in both business and sport, Ms Taylor has also worked with those less fortunate in society, who have faced addiction and mental health issues.

This wide breadth of clientele is showcased in the book through a myriad of stories from the famous and courageous.  Such as Judy Murray and Dame Stella Rimington, to social phobics and a recovering alcoholic. 

They are all essential reading, as they provide not only inspiration but showcase why success and failure happens.

Will Power is a book that is an ideal holiday companion or to help ease that daily commute. 

Its six bite sized sections can be read as stand alone sections and still provide great guidance for success, but I would urge you to read them all.

An interesting feature from Ms Taylor, which is indicative of her background as a psychologist, are a series of questionnaires to help you identify how much will power you actually have. These also help the reader become an expert in their own will power development.

The author lays out in her preface that she wishes to set each reader a willpower challenge as they read her book. Well, my challenge to you all would be to read this book; you will certainly learn something new. 

Published by Capstone/Wiley
John Joe McGinley is principal of Glassagh Consulting