Robo-adviser plans 'invest after reading' service

Robo-adviser plans 'invest after reading' service

A robo-adviser has partnered with a media group to provide an online investment tool based on algorithms to readers of business media.

Swanest, which was started in Belgium in late 2014, is designed to help investors make better decisions when investing.

Aimed at readers of business and financial news, it has entered into a partnership with Mediafin, the publisher of Belgium's leading business newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo.

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It allows individuals to build a portfolio investing in companies they have read articles about by linking through to the robo-adviser in the news pieces.

Silvan Schumacher, chief executive of Swanest, said: "Traditional robo-advisers sell pre-made model portfolios, which is very similar to what financial advisers or banks do.

"However, investors often want to build their very own investment strategies. This ability to build, analyze and manage portfolios, consisting of any stocks, ETFs or funds, is what makes us unique."

Swanest decided to focus on partnering with business media rather than banks or asset managers because it wanted to avoid conflicts of interest.

Mr Schumacher said: "We’ve been approached by several banks, asset managers and brokers for partnerships. However, our mission has always been to empower investors and remain independent in the guidance we provide.

"Quality publishers share the same values."

The company has said its product is still in development and will unveil its pricing closer to when this is released but has pledged it will be "transparent, fair and without any conflict of interest".

But the service would allow readers of a story about a company to find out how its stock is performing and how risky it is. They would also be able to build a portfolio and monitor it.