Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Ajay K Mahan

Diary of an adviser: Ajay K Mahan

This wealth manager's week is a never-ending round of meetings, phone calls and presentations – apart, that is, from the day spent presiding at a Magistrates' Court


Today is what I call a buffer day, which in effect means that I deal with all of my admin, paperwork, internal meetings and emails.

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Today I am working through all of my prompts that have been put into the diary, which can consist of anything from preparing for a client meeting to going through my flagged emails with my executive assistant and PA.

All of my emails are first dealt with by both my executive assistant and PA, who filter out any of the junk emails, redirect any emails to be dealt with by someone else and deal with any they can answer themselves. They will then flag any that they have queries with and that need my input.


Today is a focus day which usually involves meetings with existing or new clients, first meeting pitches, presentations to clients and professional contacts. These meetings can potentially be at our Wall House office or at a venue to suit the client.

But this week, as I am a Justice of the Peace, I will be sitting at the Magistrates' Court in Birmingham all day and will only have contact with my EA and PA during breaks to catch up on what is happening for the day and anything that needs answering.


In an ideal world this is normally a buffer day.

This Wednesday again I start the day by checking in with my EA and PA between 9am and 9.15am to catch up on any urgent information needed to proceed for the day. I deal with some paperwork and issues that need resolving, and then have a conference call with a bank to discuss one of our clients.

At 12.30pm I’m off out again, this time to the M&W Charity Ball committee meeting to start arranging 2018’s ball for The Sepsis Trust. We held the first one last year – it was a fantastic success, raising £64,000 for the charity, and we are hoping to raise £100,000 this year.

At 4.30pm it's back to the office, where I have another client meeting. It’s never-ending.


This is another focus day, usually involving meetings and presentations. Again the day usually starts with me checking in with my EA and PA between 9am and 9.15am to catch up on anything that needs to be dealt with that day.

Then I will either travel out to see clients or have meetings at Wall House to discuss how we can provide help and support to these clients.

Today I have a meeting at 11am with a professional footballer and his partner to discuss their financial circumstances and create their 'intelligent roadmap'. After this meeting I will be taking the client to see some properties that we are developing for the HMO (houses in multiple occupation) model side of our business. Then it's back to Wall House to conclude the meeting.