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Stock market tumbles and FSCS payouts: week in news

Stock market tumbles and FSCS payouts: week in news

Some of the markets have gone down slightly this week, which given some of the headlines out there could make you think it is the end of capitalism as we know it.

But for those advisers who take a slightly calmer view of what has happened this week, let us go over some of its events. Here is the week in news:

1) Down, down, deeper and down

Global markets have had a bit of stinker this week, prompted, slightly counter-intuitively, by the good news of Americans earning more than predicted.

The FTSE 100 is currently down 5.2 per cent over the week while the S&P 500 is down 8.8 per cent.

As the markets have experienced the second-longest bull run on record these sharp falls have left advisers and their clients wondering whether this is a temporary correction or the start of a new phase for global equity markets.

One group of people who could find themselves on the wrong side of this volatility are non-advised pensioners, who could see their later life savings eroded if markets continue to fall while they are drawing down funds for retirement.

This could be the first time post-pension freedoms that retirees – including those who might previously have taken an annuity – experience a sustained period of market falls.

2) Top of the flops

Speaking of losing all your money on the stock exchange, Tilney has flagged up some of the market's worst performing funds.

Aberdeen Standard Investments was the only asset manager to have four funds on the annual Spot the Dog list of underperforming investment vehicles.

The four funds, collectively holding £1.75bn, were the Aberdeen UK Equity Income fund, the Aberdeen UK Equity fund, the Aberdeen European Smaller Companies fund and the Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity fund.

3) Complaints go full circle

As if like clockwork, a collapsed wealth management firm could now pass all its complaints to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, leaving the whole sector will the bill.

This week we learnt that the Financial Ombudsman Service currently has around 25 complaints waiting to be handled in relation to collapsed wealth management firm Full Circle Asset Management.

Administrators are currently working to establish how much money is available from the business, with a possible sale in the pipeline, to determine whether or not these complaints will fall to the FSCS.

The complaints received by the ombudsman mainly relate to advice people received when they were sold investments, particularly that the advice they were given wasn't consistent with their attitude to risk.

Last year Full Circle was told to pay damages to a client after it was found to have deviated from the risk profile and failed to sell poorly performing assets.

4) Everyone's favourite compensation scheme

Like buses, news about the FSCS came in pairs this week.

It appears the FSCS has paid out more than £5.7m in respect of bad pension advice given by two firms, with many more claims expected.