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Technology to detect vulnerable client business

The group is to hold an ‘innovation sprint’ later this year to develop solutions for consumers affected by physical disability, illness, dementia or financial exclusion.

It has provided templates on its website for people wishing to submit ideas. 

Stephen Lowe, group communications director at Just, said: "Identification and disclosure are big themes for those people exploring how to provide improved service for people who may experience temporary or permanent vulnerability.  

"It’s good to see technology companies investing to contribute to this agenda."

But he said training and development of customer facing employees was equally important to ensure the response delivered to the end customer was right.

"Sensitivity and skill in responding are as important as techniques to help identification," he said.

Mr Ellingham agreed staff training was essential. He advised firms to use real life training techniques and deploy quality assurance checks within their business to ensure standards are kept up.

"Unless you've got robust quality assurance checks in place the chances are you are going to miss this," he said.