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Mattioli Woods launches online portal

Mattioli Woods launches online portal

Wealth management and employee benefits specialist Mattioli Woods has joined forces with software developer moneyinfo to launch an online portal that will enable clients to assess their net worth at the touch of a button.  

Total Wealth, the new portal, has been specially designed to allow clients to access all their Mattioli Woods-managed finances in one place while also being able to view information about their other financial assets and policies, including property, insurances and bank accounts.

As well as enabling clients to access all their important information in one place, they can communicate with the company through the service too, keeping personal data away from email.

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The company reported that pilot testing is currently underway and that the portal would initially be rolled out to clients who took part in research and trials to help with product testing.

Mark Smith, chief operating officer of Mattioli Woods, said: "We spent time engaging with a number of clients ahead of scoping it.

"We were anxious not to over complicate its functionality and therefore felt it key to understand what they wanted. It was paramount not to create something that wouldn't be used or, worse still, became a barrier for clients."

Mr Smith said the portal also provides enhanced privacy controls in line with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Duncan Glassey, founding partner of financial advisers Wealthflow in Edinburgh, said: "Clients don't pick advisers based on technology.

"They just want a quality service and advisers who listen to them and understand them."