Succession positioning itself for growth in 2018


Succession is focusing on building itself up as a large, growing advisory business, not as a consolidator.

Mark Stokes, group proposition and marketing director for Succession, said the group was busy integrating its back-office and building out its investment platform to focus on business growth.

Mr Stokes said Succession was "keen on our back-office system being a wrap of platforms and work continues in earnest on delivering that.

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"We are still very much focused on the development of our own Succession investment platform and our investment matrix, where we work with a number of partners to make sure our advisers are well-informed and continue to have the best solutions available to clients."

He said it was also important to keep building Succession "for a business purpose, not as a consolidator". He added: "We are very much a business now, with lots of really fabulous people."

In 2017, Mr Stokes sold his business, Lewis Chambers, to Succession. It proved to be a tough time, with the business sold on 2nd March and the former chief executive, Simon Chamberlain, suddenly passing away on 17th March.

However, Mr Stokes praised the way the team pulled together to help with the integration, stating: "The leadership team has done incredibly well and vindicated our decision to do the deal."

He also commented that Mifid II and (GDPR) were going to be big challenges this year for advisers but stressed that Succession had all the measures in place to help advisers.

Mr Stokes explained: "These are big challenges for small businesses but I am delighted to say as a large firm we have got that covered."

He also provided a series of hints and tips for any adviser firm owners, which are outlined in the video above.