LV to use advice data to caution non-advised clients

LV to use advice data to caution non-advised clients

LV will start using the data from its advised service to warn consumers using it's non-advised service if they might be about to make poor decisions.

David Stevens, life advice director at LV, said he could see a time in the near future when the development of robo-advice would make it pointless to offer a non-advised service.

He said: "If the industry moved to a position where the cost of delivering advice becomes the same as a non-advised solution and the effort involved for the consumer becomes less, you get to a point where, if you know consumers get a better outcome with advice, would you allow consumers to go down a non-advised route?"

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Mr Stevens said later this year LV would be integrating its advised and non-advised services.

This would allow the provider to use to the data from its advised service to check cases in its non-advised service.

So if a non-advised client was about to make a decision which a similar client had been warned against in its advised service, LV would be able to warn them of this.

Mr Stevens said: "We can use that data to challenge the customer and say that we can see that if you took advice you would take a different outcome."

LV's advice service is provided by Wealth Wizards, the robo-advice provider which it is the majority-owner of.

Mr Stevens said LV targets its advice service at those aged 45 plus, with a focus on retirement planning.

Research by the Financial Conduct Authority found before pension freedoms only 5 per cent of drawdown was bought without advice but this is now at 30 per cent.

Wealth Wizards recently launched a new artificial intelligence service called Turo which learns how advisers serve their clients and replicates that house view.