Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Rachel Sartin

Diary of an adviser: Rachel Sartin

This week....


I start the week with a pilates session before heading to our Bath office. I then work through emails before sitting down with my paraplanner Emma Tustin. We talk through progress on the clients I’ve met recently and discuss reports for those I want to see in the coming weeks.

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In the afternoon I arrange client review meetings before the important task of helping to organise our summer party, as part of my position on the Bath office social committee.


A potential client, who is a medical consultant, comes into the office this morning. Chase de Vere has a longstanding partnership with the British Medical Association and, as a result, most of my clients are GPs or consultants. This consultant thinks he should opt out of the NHS Pension Scheme. This is what some of his colleagues are doing because of potential tax charges, so we discuss the pros and cons of such a move.

I head to a client meeting at a GP surgery in Wiltshire. This is an existing client, who is a GP, and we discuss the progress of her investment portfolio. The client is very pleased and also wants to discuss a Lifetime Isa for her daughter.

I have another client meeting at 7pm. This isn’t unusual as GPs and consultants have hectic schedules, and so it’s sometimes a case of seeing them when I can. We discuss using a whole-of-life policy for inheritance tax planning and establishing a trust arrangement to fund the premiums.


No pilates today as I have a 10am meeting in Plymouth with a retired GP who has exited his practice and is waiting for equity to be released. He’s a longstanding client and we discuss the best way to invest the money when it becomes available.

Next stop is Exeter, where I meet a firm of solicitors I’ve worked with for many years. They act as trustees on a number of trusts we’ve set up and we discuss individual client cases.

My next meeting is at Musgrave Park Hospital in Taunton where I meet with a young doctor. We discuss income protection and regular savings. It’s been a long day and I’m looking forward to a glass of wine when I get home.


I am hosting a presentation on the NHS Pension Scheme to BMA members at the Bath Spa Hotel this evening and arrive early in the office to prepare. Beforehand I have a meeting with a lovely couple who have been clients for 10 years. They’re both consultants and preparing for retirement.

The seminar goes really well. I’m joined by Simon Walshe, another adviser who works with BMA clients. He follows my pensions presentation by talking about investments, protection and inheritance tax. The feedback is brilliant and every attendee indicates they would like to arrange a meeting.