Fund launches boost Miton assets

Fund launches boost Miton assets

Miton has reported a 35 per cent jump in assets under management to £4.53bn.

In the six months to the end of June 2018, the company attracted net inflows of £616m, compared with £195m for the same period last year.   

Over the past year Miton launched a trio of funds, a Balanced Multi-Asset mandate run by David Jane and Anthony Rayner, who now run over £900m of assets across four multi-asset funds, an infrastructure fund run by Jim Wright, and a US smaller companies fund run by Hugh Grieve and Nick Ford.

Mr Grieve and Mr Ford launched the smaller companies fund in May 2018 and were already running the the £480m Miton US Opportunities fund.

The Miton Multi-Cap Income fund, run by Gervais Williams and Martin Turner, has grown in size to £1.2bn.

David Barron, chief executive of Miton said: "The first half of the year saw continued strong organic growth and momentum within the business. We have seen positive net inflows across a wide range of strategies and good long-term performance.

"As noted in the Pridham Report, the group achieved the seventh highest net retail sales in the UK in the first quarter of 2018. Our strategies have increasing relevance. The outlook for the financial year as a whole is encouraging."

Miton also said 13 out of 16 funds were first or second quartile performers since manager tenure to 30 June 2018.